How To Watch Davis Cup Finals Tennis Live Stream 2023: Schedule, Teams, Venue & Groups


How To Watch Davis Cup Finals Tennis Live Stream 2023: Schedule, Teams, Venue & Groups


Davis Cup Finals Live Streaming

from 21-26 November 2023


This September, the Davis Cup will make a big comeback as athletes from around the world get ready to compete for the coveted trophy. Find out all you need to about the important dates, the schedule, and how to watch as the group stages arrive at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow. You can watch the Davis Cup finals live stream in full HD on your smart devices without any delay. Subscribe at and get started to watch the Davis Cup Finals 2023 live stream and millions of sports on one platform.

What are the Davis Cup Finals?

The Davis Cup Finals, known as the men's tennis World Cup, features the best national tennis teams from all over the world fighting for the title of world champion.

Teams qualify for the group stages in one of three ways: automatically based on their past performance; via a wild card; or by winning qualifying matches held earlier in the year.

Then, the world's countries are split into four groups, with the best teams from each group advancing to the November Finals in Malaga.

When will start the Davis Cup Finals group stage in 2023?

This year, the group stages will run from Tuesday, September 12th, through Sunday, September 17th.

2023 Davis Cup Finals group stage Schedule, Date & Time

•    France vs Switzerland – Tuesday 12 September 14:00
•    Great Britain vs Australia – Wednesday 13 September 14:00
•    Australia vs France – Thursday 14 September 14:00
•    Great Britain vs Switzerland – Friday 15 September 14:00
•    Australia vs Switzerland – Saturday 16 September 14:00
•    Great Britain vs France – Sunday 17 September 14:00


2023 Davis Cup Finals Venues 

● Unipol Arena, Bologna - Group A Matches 
Manchester, UK
- Group B Matches 
Valencia, Spain
- Group C Matches 
Split, Croatia
- Group D Matches 
● Martin Carpena Arena - Knock-Out Matches


Davis Cup Finals Groups 2023

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Canada Australia Spain Croatia
Chile France Serbia Netherlands
Italy Great Britain South Korea USA
Sweden Switzerland Czech Republic Finland


2023 Davis Cup Finals Live Stream: Knockout stage


The knockout stage of the 2023 Davis Cup Finals will be held in Malaga from November 21-26, 2023. provides live streaming of Davis Cup Finals tennis from around the world. Subscribe to our website to get a premium subscription. Your subscription allows you to watch the Davis Cup finals live online.

2023 Davis Cup Finals Schedule



21 November 2023
•    Canada vs Finland
22 November 2023
•    Czechia vs Australia
23 November 2023
•    Italy vs Netherlands
•    Serbia vs Great Britain

24 November 2023
•    TBA
25 November 2023
•   TBA

26 November 2023
•    Finalist vs. Finalist



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