Nadal Pulled out from the 2023 French Open due to hip Injury


Rafael Nadal has withdrawn from the 2023 French Open


The most iconic tennis player Rafael Nadal has withdrawn from the 2023 French Open as he is still suffering from his hip injury, which he sustained during the Australian Open earlier this year.

On Thursday Matias Grez of CNN reported that Nadal, who is 36 years old, stated that he would not be participating in the tournament and also declared that he intends to retire from professional tennis in 2024.

Nadal has confirmed that he will be absent for several months, which means he will not participate in the 2023 French Open and Wimbledon.

There is no doubt that Rafa stands out as the most dominant player in the entire history of the French Open. He has achieved the remarkable feat of winning the tournament an unprecedented 14 times. Additionally, he exhibits an impressive career record of 112-3 at Roland Garros located in Paris.

In 2005, Nadal became eligible for the French Open and has participated in the event every year without exception, until recently.

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